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The Morgan Adams Foundation
5303 E. Evans Avenue
Suite #200 
Denver, CO 80222

All inquiries regarding displaying an airplane, automobile or motorcycle will be routed to the appropriate committee and we will be in touch with you!

Joan Slaughter – Executive Director/Automobile Inquiries
Bryan Ballatore – “Wheels” Chair
Jill Copeland – Auction Chair
Bari DeJaynes – Design Team
Cali Dietrich – Volunteer Co-Chair
Liza Evans – Program Co-Chair
Robin French – Operations Manager              
Deb Gorney – Volunteer Co-Coordinator
Steve Hawthorne – “Bikes” Chair   
Holly Johnson – Program Co-Chair  
Jeremy Lahr – Ramp King            
Kirby Lind – Events
Tammie Mantz – Bookkeeper 
Rachelle Montanaro – Communications Coordinator
Meg Periman – Communications Manager             
Peter & Marian Taylor – Honorary Event Chairs 
Joe Thibodeau – “Wings” Chair
Carrie Thomas – Partnerships Manager, Food & Beverage Chair
Liz Vehlow – Senior Events Manager